My paper crafts collection!

Well I’ve started to do these things from my first years in high school, and the first things is the avengers \m/

IMG00379-20120514-1539Kinda cute right. A friend of mine tell me to try this thing when the second semester ends and I don’t have anything to do, and now it is my hobby.

Then I made these as a gift for my friend, the one who encourage me to do this, and my cousin :3

IMG00487-20120718-2304 IMG00488-20120722-2155

The left one is the Danbo, not the tiger ok *laugh*, and it’s able to move too! And the right one is Luka Megurine, you might know her if you know vokaloid :-?, I just have the head here because I’ve forgotten to take a picture of it when I finished, I feel sorry to myself ~~

Xmas came and guests which paper crafts is it?

IMG00755-20121224-1003Yes, it’s the Santa, well little Santa, cool huh but he didn’t brought me any gift @@, kinda sad XD



The next one will shock you, because it’s very powerful, the weapon of the god >:)

Hình ảnh0025The powerful Mjölnir, well it lighter, and not so hard XD, very easy to break so be careful or someone will cry :p *sorry Thor*




Ok this is the last one, Heart container, sound strange right, and here is it

Hình ảnh0058It also a gift too, and maybe I don’t have to explain more right ;), you now who received the Heart right :p




That is my collection, I don’t have much time now so maybe I’ll stop doing this a little while, I’ll post more things as soon as possible.

See ya!


One thought on “My paper crafts collection!

  1. Awesome ^~^
    You did a good job man 😉
    Really cute 😉 especially the heart container :)) kinda familiar :))
    Anw, just try more when you have time 😉
    Believe in you, always… 🙂

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