About me

Hello world, my real name is Bao and I’m from Viet Nam.

I was born in September 28 1996, I’ve lived in HoChiMinh city since then.

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The first picture from the right is my mom and my younger brother, I’m the one with orange shirt (on the second picture)

My father didn’t take picture much so I don’t have them here 😀

My hobbies: listen to music, play games, sport(the nearest thing I’ve played is ice skating), fix things( and destroy them sometime too :3), paper craft, etc.

Little about sport, I can play plenty of sports such as tennis, badminton, table tennis, swimming, skating, bla bla bla ^~^

I love to go out, do things with my friends and the activities from the youth union as well.

don xin xac nhan Those are some activities I’ve done for the youth union (sorry, it’s in Vietnamese)

I’ve finish my elementary at Dinh Tien Hoang school and secondary at Hoa Lu school. I’m taking high school at high school for the gifted, PTNK for short in Vietnamese

I’m planning to study abroad in the next year and this blog is the way for me to prepare for my future. It also the place to show my stuff too.

If you want to know more, please go here: https://yuhgo289.wordpress.com/category/my-stuffs/

and be freely to contact me here: https://yuhgo289.wordpress.com/contacts/